Alumni Advice: Loving Yourself

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Alumni

It’s the month of love! Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, subscribe to “kindness weeks,” or think the whole thing is corporate silliness, you can’t ignore the onslaught of romantic media you’re exposed to in February. For those not romantically involved, February can be really hard. Some people feel like they’re doing something wrong by not being in a relationship! But loving ourselves is even more important than loving someone else, and integral to our growth and development as individuals. Here are five ways to show yourself some love this month (and always).

  1. Make a list of things you like about yourself. We so often get caught up thinking about all of our mistakes and insecurities, we don’t stop to think about what it is about ourselves that we actually like. If you’re having trouble, ask a friend for a starting point. They love you and can see all of the wonderful things about yourself that you can’t!
  2. Wear what makes you feel good. Challenge yourself, even just for one day: don’t wear what your mom wants you to wear, what your friends have picked out for you, or anything that doesn’t make you feel like you. Clothing is a form of self-expression, and wearing the clothes that make you feel most authentically yourself can give you a confidence boost.
  3. Write yourself a valentine to open when you’re feeling down. Write yourself a little note, tell yourself everything is going to be okay, and say “I love you!” Future you will really appreciate that past you cared. Open it before a big test, after getting some bad news, or any other time you need a little love.
  4. Treat yourself. Get that box of chocolates just for you. Go shopping. Do something nice for yourself even if it seems a little extravagant or unnecessary. You deserve it!
  5. Devote an evening to yourself. Hang out in your pajamas! Watch your favorite movie! Eat your favorite treat! Show yourself care, and you may start to believe you truly deserve it. That’s what self-love is all about!

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