Willow Grade 8 Designs “Space Museum” to Launch May 15

by | May 14, 2019 | Experiential Learning, Homepage News

This year, Willow’s eighth grade class is tackling an incredibly unique, student-led STEAM project: a “Space Museum.” What is a Space Museum? It’s a collection of art that the eighth graders have created together, centered on identity and self-expression, attached to a weather balloon. The eighth graders will launch the balloon, which the students also designed through hands-on trial and error in their science class, into the stratosphere. The ballon will travel as much as 100,000 feet into the air! 

Eighth graders have been working with Willow parent, artist, and architect Adam Kalkin, as well as their science and art teachers, to design and execute the project. “We have been working in groups to create the artistic part of the project, as well as the structure and scientific part,” eighth grader Cambria explained, who is part of the reporting group. Her group’s task is to help share the project with the Willow community. “From this project, we are learning about the jet stream, as well as the atmosphere.”

You can learn more about the project through the reporting group’s video introducing the Space Museum (also featuring fun clips of the students’ Cindy Sherman-inspired photo shoots)! Watch below:

Eighth graders will launch the Space Museum on Wednesday, May 15! They are predicting the path of the balloon in hopes of retrieving it later, too. Follow Willow’s Instagram (@willowschool) for live footage of the launch and more.

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