When I Was Younger: A 5th Grade Memoir

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Homepage News

In fifth grade this year, Willow students read memoirs and wrote their own, reflecting on their year. Willow fifth grader Sam wrote this touching memoir about transitioning from his old school to Willow this year:

When I was younger in fifth grade, I kept to myself. I only spoke to people who were my friends. There weren’t many of them, to be honest, maybe five or ten. All of the teachers except the amazing Mr. Mac were cold and prickly to me. One day in November, I was sitting by myself on the blue metal bench on the playground, and he came over. He saw that I was sad, and he asked, “What’s going on?” A little bit later, he made me feel better by putting his arm on my shoulder and saying “It’s ok” in a comforting voice, but all of the other teachers did nothing. 

When I was younger in fifth grade, I found a nurturing, kind place to learn: The Willow School. Now, I cannot stop talking to everybody. I let my wings fly like I have all of the freedom an eleven-year-old boy can. I love to be helpful and silly to preschoolers. Rain, mud and snow, no matter what, I can go outside at Willow.

When I was younger in fifth grade, building forts was like a fantasy. I had never made one before I went to Willow. I find that quite sad. Think about it: the first fort I ever made was when I was eleven. It has been an amazing experience at my new school.

I have learned that not everything goes your way, but one day, it will even out. I wrote this because I had a lot of struggles in my life, but right now it is ok. If something bad has happened to you, eventually it will even out.

We are so happy you joined the Willow community this year, Sam! Thank you for sharing your story.

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