Explore Outside! Nature Challenge of The Day

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Experiential Learning, Homepage News, Outdoor Learning

Joyful, hands-on exploration is essential to inspiring children to develop a lifelong love of learning…and difficult to translate to distance learning. Ms. M to the rescue! Willow’s Lower School Science Teacher is creating Nature Challenge videos, shared on Willow’s Facebook page and YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday.

These short videos introduce a Nature Challenge of the Day that encourages you and your children to get outside and explore the world that surrounds you. Most of the science challenges can be completed right in your backyard! Record what you find in your own Nature Challenge Journal! Through these challenges, children learn to observe and document their environment like scientists.

Challenge #1

Can you find a wild rodent? Squirrels, mice, and chipmunks are all local (and adorable) wild rodents. Learn more about rodents and watch as a squirrel builds his nest in Ms. M’s backyard. Can you find one in yours?

Challenge #2

See if you can spot the American Robin in your backyard. According to Ms. M, these creatures eat worms and berries, and although they can migrate short distances, some winter in New Jersey. Ms. M can even do the American Robin birdcall. Can you? Watch the video here:

Challenge #3

Can you find Herman the Worm? Watch this video to find out more about Herman’s habitat and favorite foods, then look for him in your backyard! Record what you see, hear, smell, feel, and wonder about as you spend time outside completing the challenge, too.

Watch all of Ms. M’s Nature Challenge videos on our YouTube channel, and see if you can complete them all! We hope these nature challenges are a welcome break from screen time, and a fun way to learn about science in a hands-on way while spending some time relaxing in and enjoying nature. Learn more about Willow’s Science program, by grade, here.

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