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See what makes Willow a special place to start your child’s education.

Join us for a special preview of our Kindergarten on Tuesday, March 1, from 4:15-5:30pm! Come to Willow to learn more about our unique curriculum, meet our kindergarten team, and explore our kindergarten classroom. School. Childcare is available during our teachers’ presentations. Please make sure to register your child if they plan to attend too! Click here to sign up!

Discover Kindergarten at Willow

Willow teachers understand how young students learn best. They realize that curiosity is the key to a foundation for a lifelong love of learning.  That’s why Willow’s kindergarten curriculum incorporates powerful methods that support your child’s natural curiosity and drive to learn about the world around them. These methods include:

Making Connections. Constructivist theory suggests that, as humans, we construct knowledge and form meaning based on the connections we make ourselves – versus having them handed to us. At Willow, we help young learners make those connections by getting to know their individual personalities. Our nurturing teachers encourage them to explore their own ideas about how the world works.

Learning Through Play. Countless studies reinforce that play is critical to cognitive, emotional, and social development. At Willow, play is schoolwork, especially in kindergarten. We encourage children to test new opinions and behaviors without dreading consequences. At Willow, each year the lessons look different. By incorporating play-based learning, Willow’s kindergarten curriculum keeps our youngest students’ natural curiosity alive and thriving.

A Hands-on Curriculum. Hands-on exploration at Willow is key to helping children propose their own ideas and follow their questions to discover meaningful answers.  Students are encouraged to work together but also empowered to determine their own conclusions.  Being able to turn abstract concepts into concrete understanding is one of the many ways our younger students thrive.

Learn more about what makes Willow Kindergarten special at our Kindergarten Preview on March 1! Click here to sign up.

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