Affording Willow

For most Willow families, independent education is a significant financial commitment, but also a worthwhile investment in their child’s future. We strive to make The Willow School accessible to qualified applicants and are committed to enrolling students from the broadest range of backgrounds, experiences, and heritages because it greatly enriches the lives and learning of every student.

Financial aid is need-based and eligible families are awarded assistance that does not have to be repaid. Candidates for admissions are evaluated on their potential to thrive at Willow, hence, admissions and financial aid decisions are made independent of each other.

Director of Enrollment Management Lisa VanderVeen is here to help! Contact her at (908) 470-9500, ext. 1100 or via email.

Willow Tuition Assistance Program Fast Facts


Tuition Assistance

33% of Willow students currently receive tuition assistance.


is awarded in tuition assistance each year.


Household income range for Willow families receiving some sort of tuition assistance.

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How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance applications are completed through FACTS, which provides financial data, formulas, and recommendations needed to make the most equitable decisions possible. This third-party service provides a greater level of objectivity and impartiality and ensures tuition assistance awards are made according to national standards in a secure and confidential manner. The deadline for financial aid applications for the 2023-23 school year is February 1, 2023. However, if you plan to apply for financial aid, apply as soon as possible as available assistance remains finite. Contact the Enrollment Office for further details. Click below to start your application online:

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