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Interdisciplinary projects make learning more meaningful and productive at Willow. From the study of invertebrates to the building of a model solar system after a trip to the planetarium, students learn to make connections between complex concepts, and practice higher order thinking skills.

Here are more academic innovations in Grade 3-5 classrooms.
Systems Thinking.  Willow students are challenged to analyze issues fully, recognize interdependencies between different systems, make accurate predictions, and arrive at thoughtful solutions through the practice of systems thinking. Practiced at MIT and Fortune 500 companies, Willow pioneered the adoption of systems thinking in elementary and middle school.

Student-Led Genius Hour. Google and other innovators recognize the value of providing employees time to explore projects of their own choosing. So does Willow. Genius Hour gives students dedicated time to explore a passion or interest and develop a project that demonstrates their understanding and mastery of the topic.

Drop Everything And Read (DEAR). You’ll be amazed at how much students love reading when they get to independently select books for 20-30 minutes every day. DEAR instills a lifelong love of learning in young readers.

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