Cultural Arts Program

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Mission Statement

The mission of The Willow School’s Cultural Arts Program is to sponsor a broad array of visual and performing arts presentations that reflect the highest standards of excellence and celebrate the diversity of the global community in which we live. Through the Cultural Arts Program, we seek to develop an appreciation for the artistic expressions of every culture and search for a universal language with the hope of challenging stereotypes, promoting inclusion and fostering ethical relationships within our various communities.

The Cultural Arts Program challenges our students to think openly and critically about the global community in which we live and to value the fullness of a diverse society. Recognizing that the cultural arts are essential components of a complete education, The Willow School makes its Cultural Arts Program accessible to the entire Willow population.


Our vision for The Willow School’s Cultural Arts Program is to present as many as seven visual or performing arts events each academic year. The presentations are selected with the goal of highlighting diverse cultural experiences and promoting inclusivity through the exploration of the arts.

Apply Fall 2023