Explore. Imagine. Create. 

Willow is an independent age 3 – Grade 8 school that focuses on progressive, hands-on, and joyful learning. Our curriculum is purposefully designed to not only encourage critical thought and make interdisciplinary connections, but teach students how to demonstrate their capacity to analyze, evaluate, apply, and explain their learning to others.

Willow students:
    • Our 34-acre natural campus is the perfect backdrop for exploration. Our students are motivated to appreciate and learn from nature as they discover and play. We have ben pioneers in outdoor learning for over 20 years. From meadows and streams on campus to designated outdoor learning spaces right outside our classroom doors, our students have the resources to learn in and develop ethical relationships with the natural world. 
    • Students are encouraged to understand the world around them on their terms. In our Lower School, students learn through play and imaginative inquiry, infusing joy into each lesson. Systems Thinking — used by Universities, Fortune 500 companies, and Willow elementary and middle schoolers helps students understand and navigate problems using critical thinking, communication, observation, and analysis. Recess 2x a day gives students the opportunity to learn from each other and practice Willow’s core virtue.
    • Our experiential learning program allows children to learn by doing and empowers them to make a difference. At Willow, students are able to use their natural curiosity to create theories and test out ideas in a hands-on way. Whether it’s conducting an archaeological dig on campus to discover the impact of the past on our present day, writing an authentic story to practice language arts skills, using math to track the school’s compost for solutions to reduce waste, or taking water samples from the stream to brainstorm ideas about how to care for our watershed, students are inspired daily to not only learn but act based on what they’ve discovered.

    Also at Willow, building our community is a big part of our day. A maximum of 16 students per class is how every student is known by their teachers and peers. Willow Gatherings, held twice a week, help us reflect upon virtues such as courage, wisdom, gentleness, humility, and others together as a community.

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