Inspired by Wonder

At Willow, children chart their own course through an educational journey that is joyful, relevant, and transformative. With natural curiosity as their guide, Willow students engage in hands-on exploration through authentic, project-based experiences to build critical foundational skills for high school, and beyond.

Flexible Curriculum


With our experienced teachers as their guides, Willow students are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity—inspiring them to analyze complex topics, explore creative solutions and develop important critical thinking skills.

Project-based Activities


Willow students respond to complex questions and challenges through long-term investigation that cultivates important skills like critical thinking and teamwork. On any given day, our students may be conducting an archeological dig, tracking the school’s compost usage, or engaging in a plant study on our beautiful 34-acre campus.

Virtues and Character


At Willow, character development is woven into everything we do. Our Virtues Program helps students to build confidence and compassion. Practicing virtues such as respect, responsibility, service, honesty, courage, and joy provide positive reinforcement for Willow’s commitment to living an ethical life.

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