Why Choose Willow?

See how we encourage students to become motivated learners, capable problem solvers and conscientious leaders.  

Joy Makes Us Brighter

Joy makes us brighterThink about the time your child will spend in school — 7 hours a day for nearly 10 months of the year. Joy is essential. It’s the starting point to make learning more meaningful and productive. When students are excited and engaged, they become motivated to investigate further, take intellectual risks, and embrace new challenges. That’s why Willow’s academic program is joyful, hands-on, and relevant to children’s lives.

Willow Learning Celebrations make the case for joyful learning. Whether it’s Grade 1 students creating a model community, Grade 4 students directing their own Genius Hour projects, or Grade 7 students transforming their social studies classroom into the Silk Road, the achievements our students showcase are always a direct result of joyful learning. It’s the source of inspiration that makes Willow a brighter place to learn and grow. Learn more about joyful learning and Academic Innovations found only at Willow. 

Virtues Makes Us Kinder

Virtues Make Us StrongerFamilies who choose Willow often say they want their kids to become good students and good people. These goals are not mutually exclusive, especially at Willow. That’s because our unique virtues program is embedded into school life and practiced on a daily basis.

From Morning Gathering, when the entire school community comes together to reflect upon what is important to us as a community, to meaningful service projects, our interactions are guided by courageous inquiry, mutual respect, and concern for the wellbeing of others. Virtues are the reason our students become kind and conscientious graduates, capable of taking responsibility for themselves and the world around them. Learn more about our Virtues Program here. 

Community Makes Us Stronger

Many parents seek a strong, nurturing community along with an excellent school for their child. After all, school will be the central focus of your family’s life for many years.

Willow is a true community that welcomes, supports, and challenges every member: students, parents, faculty, and staff. Our many traditions — like Harvest Soup, pictured left — bring us together to build friendship, learn from each other, and do good in the world. Willow’s unique size —a maximum of 14 students in lower school classes and 16 in middle school classes — fosters greater collaboration, teamwork, communication skills, and other characteristics that help us grow as individuals and as a community. Learn more about community-wide Willow traditions here. 

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