Joyful Learning, Virtues, and Community

Willow is an independent age 3- grade 8 school that focuses on progressive, hands on learning. Willow students are taught how to acquire knowledge and demonstrate their capacity to analyze, evaluate, apply, and explain their learning to others. At Willow:

Learning is Made Joyful.

The four principles that guide our curriculum (Intentional Design, Experiential Learning, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Place-Based Education) are purposely designed to not only encourage critical thought and support interdisciplinary connections, but also to spark joy. We believe that when classes are infused with joy, children are more motivated and willing to learn.  Willow’s Academic Innovations, like Systems Thinking and Genius Hour, get our students excited about what they are learning, while teaching higher order thinking skills. One-on-one time with our dedicated teachers helps our students learn at their own pace, keeping them challenged.

Virtues are Practiced.

Students don’t become kind, responsible, and courageous by merely talking about character. These behaviors have to be modeled and practiced, which is why the Virtues Program is embedded into everything we do. Morning Gathering, held twice a week, helps us reflect upon virtues such as courage, wisdom, gentleness, humility, and others as a community.

Community is Key.

Willow students achieve their greatest potential with community standing behind them. We’re small by design. A maximum of 16 students per class is how every student is known not just by their teacher, but by the entire school community, and how we can successfully help them adapt to any challenges that may come their way, on and off our campus.

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