A Love for Academics Begins at Willow

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3Child-centered. Hands-on. Experiential. Joyful. Too often, schools lose sight of the Kindergarten essentials that instill purpose and a lifelong love of learning. If you are looking for a Kindergarten program that will harness your child’s natural curiosity, encourage critical thinking and problem solving, and foster a sense of belonging and responsibility to community, it’s time to visit Willow.

Here are just a few of the ways Willow gets Kindergarten right: 

  • Small class size led by experienced, dedicated Willow teachers who facilitate and guide children in their pursuit of learning.
  • Recess, twice a day! There’s so much for our Kindergarteners to explore on our 34-acre campus, also used as a learning laboratory.
  • NEW outdoor classrooms allow our students to spend even more time outside, keeping us all safe and socially distanced (weather permitting)
  • Enriched curriculum that encompasses experiential, play-based, and self-directed learning.
  • Montessori materials used in math and language arts, plus our Kindergarten teacher is Montessori certified.
  • Arts, music, and handcrafts classes that encourage creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and fine motor skills.
  • Two world languages, French and Spanish, are studied by all students.
  • Virtues Program — attend a Morning Gathering and see our Kindergarten students read a story or present an idea before the entire school community.
  • Systems Thinking — learn how developing these skills, beginning in Kindergarten, can help young students understand and navigate a complex world.

Select Kindergarten spots for the 2022-2023 school year are still available. Use the form to start a conversation with us or jump straight to The Standard Applications Online.

Start a Conversation!

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Request our Kindergarten Planner. We will email it to you immediately.

Director of Admissions Lisa VanderVeen is here to help! Contact her at (908) 470-9500, ext. 1100 or via email.

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