Experience Really is the Best Teacher

Children learn best when they use their natural curiosity to test new ideas and engage in hands-on exploration. Willow’s brand of experiential learning — joyful and relevant to children’s lives — forms the foundation for every student to realize academic excellence.

You’ll find this active approach to learning in every Willow classroom. Kindergarteners use Montessori math manipulatives to build number sense. First graders hatch caterpillars into butterflies to understand the life cycle. Third graders conduct an archeological dig to learn about the past. Middle School students engage in hands-on STEAM challenges, conduct yearlong studies of plants on campus, and apply hands-on systems thinking tools to daily lessons. All of these foundational skills serve our students in high school and beyond.

At Willow, students:

Have authentic experiences. From reviewing books to tracking the school’s compost, students learn through active experiences that are relevant to their lives.

Engage with a hands-on flexible curriculum. Our experienced teachers design lessons that follow students’ interests and curiosity, providing the flexibility for students to explore in the moment.

Learn through project-based activities. Since Willow’s founding, students have responded to complex questions and challenges through long-term investigation that builds important skills like critical thinking and teamwork.

Use their imagination to explore. In recent years, Willow teachers have incorporated a new teaching tool, imaginative inquiry, that encourages students to use their imagination to role play and solve real life problems.

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