Looking for a better middle school experience?

If your middle schooler is unhappy in school, it can be hard to tell if it’s a temporary phase or something more serious. Willow is offering a FREE, no-obligation consultation for parents of students Grades 5-7. During this 30-minute appointment, Willow’s middle school experts can help you:

  • Assess or better understand your child’s current school situation
  • Need second bullet
  • Identify the steps and actions needed to apply to an independent school like Willow.

Consultations are scheduled (need dates or when Willow will hold consultations) until (are we including an end date for this offer). Spaces are limited. Our recent article, “5 Signs it’s Time to Switch Schools” also offers helpful insights and guidance.

Use the form below to sign up for a Middle School Consultation or contact Director of Admissions Lisa VanderVeen at (908)470-9500 x 1100 for further information.


Middle School Consultation

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Request our Parent’s Guide to Executive Functioning in middle school. We will email it to you immediately.

Director of Admissions Lisa VanderVeen is here to help! Contact her at (908) 470-9500, ext. 1100 or via email.

Apply Fall 2023