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Come to our Middle School Preview on Tuesday, April 5, to see how Willow’s middle school is designed to help each of our students realize their full potential, in the classroom and beyond. Our 6–8th grade program helps our students discover who they are, deepen their critical thinking skills, nurture their curiosity, and build confidence. Our curriculum focuses on the habits of systems thinking, including encouraging students to change perspectives, seek the bigger picture, test assumptions, understand unintended consequences, and more. Throughout their classes, students learn to better understand our interconnected and interdependent world while developing communication, observation, and analytical skills.

Our Virtues Program inspires us all to practice kindness, respect, courage, compassion, and the other virtues that we live by on a daily basis. Through our Virtues Program, Advisory Program, and the many opportunities our middle schoolers have to act as role models for younger students, Willow middle schoolers develop into caring members of our community, hone their leadership skills, and learn to advocate for what is important to them

Hear directly from Willow graduates:

“Academically, my classes taught me how to think and how to open my mind to new perspectives. My teachers made sure I learned how to think critically, which absolutely helps in my high school classes.”

— Vy Lan Chin, Class of 2020

“Willow taught me to enjoy the process of learning. Especially in a high-pressure high school, that has helped me tremendously. School is much less stressful when you focus on understanding instead of grades. I feel comfortable taking risks and challenging myself, even if it means I could fail.”

— Luca Pizzale, Class of 2018

“At Willow, we’re accepted for who we are and made to feel comfortable and respected. I’m really grateful that Willow is such an accepting place where you can learn a lot and have fun doing it at the same time.” 

— Ashwin Barama, Class of 2019

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