Capital Campaign

[heading]Campaign for The Willow School Health, Wellness & Nutrition Center[/heading]

HWN Center

The primary focus of the Campaign is to raise $7 million necessary to fund the construction of a new building on campus. The building will consist of a commercial-grade kitchen, dining hall, teaching kitchen, gym, four classrooms, meeting spaces, and common areas. The building will enable Willow to continue to meet its mission and to grow as our strategic plan directs.

The new building will be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Platinum and will meet the Living Building Challenge.  It is scheduled for completion by the first of January, 2015.

The Living Building Challenge is a set of standards that will make buildings more eco-friendly using renewable resources and self-treating water systems. The program is designed to challenge builders, owners, architects, engineers, and design professionals to build environmentally sound and self-sustaining buildings. Some of the requirements include that the building shall generate all of its own energy with renewable resources, capture and treat all of its water on site, and use resources efficiently and for maximum beauty.

To learn more about our plans, or to partner with The Willow School in this exciting project, please contact the Development Office at 908-470-9500 x1020.

Capital Campaign Brochure

To view construction photos of the Health, Wellness and Nutrition Center click below:

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