The Willow Difference

Children go farther when you respect the different ways they learn, value their academic, emotional, and social needs, and motivate their growth as learners and individuals. ​We offer:

Higher Standard of Learning: There is a big difference between knowing something and understanding it. Willow students are expected to acquire knowledge and demonstrate their capacity to analyze, evaluate, apply, and explain their learning to others. Our curriculum is guided by four principles: Intentional Design, Experiential Learning, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Place-Based Education, and students are engaged in Systems Thinking and other Academic Innovations found only at Willow.

Virtues Program: Students don’t become kind, responsible, and courageous by merely talking about character. Integrity has to be modeled and practiced, which is why the Virtues Program is embedded into everything we do at Willow.

Small by design. A maximum of 14 students in Lower School classes and 16 in Middle School classes is how every Willow student is known by their teacher and the entire school community. Our smaller size also allows ample class time for one-on-one student-teacher interaction and small group work.

Positive Middle School Culture: Too often, middle school is an experience students need to survive. At Willow, middle school is a time to thrive. Learn about our Unrivaled School Culture that teaches students how to advocate for themselves and lead others.

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Can your middle schooler speak up for himself? This guide covers the essential tools students need to self-advocate in middle school and beyond. Request the guide now!

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