Parenting Roundtable: What to Do When Kids Say “No!”

“NO!” It’s the dreaded word for many parents, and one we may hear far too often. For many children, it may be just a phase. But how do you, as a parent, manage this behavior and encourage a more positive response? And how do you know when your child’s behavior may be leading towards a more serious issue?

Join licensed child psychologist, Cassandra M. Faraci, Psy.D., for a discussion at The Willow School on January 24 at 4:30pm about the different types of child noncompliance and defiance and strategies to help parents manage and prevent this behavior.

Registration is required. Sign up for the talk below! You are welcome to bring your child! Babysitting services will be provided for children ages 2 1/2 and older. Please indicate that you plan to use our childcare in your registration.

Cassandra M. Faraci, Psy.D., is the Director of the Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management in Chester, NJ. Dr. Faraci is a NJ and NY licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of children and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and behavior issues. Dr. Faraci has a passion for educating the community on mental health issues and has given a number of community presentations on topics such as managing children with behavior problems, how to help children and parents cope with anxiety, teaching social skills, cognitive behavioral therapy, and effective discipline.

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