Alumni Spotlight: Charlotte Depew

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Alumni, Homepage News

Our alumni spotlight for this month is Charlotte Depew, Willow Class of 2017. Charlotte now attends Columbia University. She recently shared some reflections on Willow’s impact on her life:       

Looking back now, when it comes to your Willow experience, what are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for the hands-on learning opportunities that I was given. From making Silk Road journals to constructing models of ancient human heads, I feel as if these projects provided a unique learning experience while simultaneously acting as a medium for creative self-expression. I am also grateful to Willow for fostering strong relationships between the teachers, staff, and students, encouraging me to advocate for myself and develop the confidence to effectively communicate with others.

How did what you learn at Willow – academically, socially, emotionally – prepare you for high school and college?

Since my classes at Willow emphasized interdisciplinary learning, I entered high school with a strong academic basis that extended beyond surface-level thinking. I was often able to make meaningful connections and discover relationships between concepts in my courses, and consequently, I feel that I was significantly more prepared for my high school’s rigor than my peers.

Has the Virtues Program impacted you beyond Willow, and if so, how?

Yes, the Virtues Program has truly shaped my current values, and I find that the virtues themselves are pertinent in both my studies and the ways that I interact with others. As a college student, I have been exposed to a very diverse student body, and I’ve noticed the positive effects of treating my peers with compassion and respecting their values and perspectives. The virtues will also apply in my adult life, as I hope to pursue a career in medicine, which requires holding oneself to high ethical and moral standards.

Thank you for reading! If you or any other alumni you know have done something that you think would make for a good spotlight, or have reflections to share about your time at Willow, please email Grace Wiehl at Read more about our amazing alumni here.

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