Many students survive middle school. Willow students thrive.

Discover a better middle school experience at Willow! Come to our next Middle School Open House on January 25 to see how our unique learning environment creates a positive space that nurtures intellectual, social, and emotional growth in emerging adolescents. Here’s what sets Willow’s middle school apart:

Small School, Big on Community

While small class sizes are a Willow hallmark, our students also belong to the greater school community.  Willow’s unique Age 3 through Grade 8 school structure is intentionally designed for middle schoolers to mentor younger students, which builds their leadership skills, confidence, and a strong sense of self. In this environment, every student is known by teachers, administrators, and fellow students—they cannot fade into the background.

Unrivaled School Culture

Willow students are certainly not immune from the struggles of pre-adolescence and adolescence. Our school culture is firmly rooted in the Virtues Program, which emphasizes the daily practice of kindness, respect, courage, compassion, and other attributes. Guided by experienced teachers, Willow students learn to develop and manage successful relationships with classmates and others.

Exceptional Academics

At Willow, Systems Thinking provides our students with a framework to understand complex concepts, while developing key life skills like critical thinking, communication, observation, and analysis. Within this structure is a commitment to student-centered learning, which empowers students to work at their own pace and explore independently. The result: Willow middle schoolers are more engaged learners who are ready by Grade 8 to advocate for themselves in high school and beyond.

Middle School Open House

Join us on Wednesday, January 25, from 4-5 p.m. You and your child will meet teachers and students, participate in great activities, and learn more about the benefits of a Willow education.

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