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At Willow, we believe that students learn best in a supportive community that encourages curiosity, joy, and critical thinking, in school and at home. We hope that, as parents, you find the following resources helpful both in understanding the science and philosophy behind Willow’s educational model and in supporting your child’s development at home. 

Download Our eBooks

Our library of eBooks covers a host of educational topics for all ages. Download one or all today! 

Willow has been a champion of outdoor learning since our start 20 years ago. Learn the benefits of incorporating nature into your child’s academics, and enjoy 4 outdoor activities for the entire family. Click HERE to request your free copy.

6 signs its time to switch schools

How do you know if your child’s complaints about school are normal or something more serious? Willow educators weight in on signs that indicate. It may be time for a change. Click to download.


Learn how students excel with our most requested educational guide on Systems Thinking! We will email it to you immediately.

Early literacy insights and tips every parent can use, developed by Willow faculty members. Download the guide now!

Learn how to navigate all of your kindergarten options! The guide includes everything you need to organize your search. 

Understanding Executive Functioning (EF) is the key to empowering middle schoolers. Learn how to encourage EF at home when you request our guide. We will email it to you immediately.

Can your middle schooler speak up for himself? This guide covers the essential tools students need to self-advocate in middle school and beyond. Request the guide now!

Frustrated with the time and attention your pre-teen spends texting, gaming, and posting on Instagram? Start our Screen Detox for middle school students! 

Learn how a student centered approach to education gives children ownership of their learning, higher motivation, and much more. Download here!

Watch a Webinar

Meet our fantastic teaching staff and learn why we do what we do in the following webinars on key educational topics, from early literacy development to executive functioning skills and more.

Director of Enrollment Management Lisa VanderVeen is here to help! Contact her at (908) 470-9500, ext. 1100 or via email.

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