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Many middle schools are a place to survive. Willow is an Age 3 to Grade 8 independent school where 6th, 7th and 8th graders thrive. Here are some of the many unique qualities that set Willow’s middle school apart:

Small school that’s big on community. While Willow students are part of a small class with an optimum student-teacher ratio, they also belong to the greater school community.  Every child is known by faculty members, administrators, and students across every grade. Moreover, our students cannot fade into the background when issues with peers arise; they learn to develop and manage relationships with classmates and others.

Age 3 to Grade 8 structure by design. As the oldest students at Willow, our middle schoolers have an active voice in school matters, assume leadership roles, and serve as mentors to younger students.

Unrivaled school culture. Willow students are certainly not immune from the struggles of  adolescence. The difference we offer is a culture and community unmatched by other schools. Our Virtues Program sets the standard and guides the daily practice of kindness, respect, courage, compassion, and other attributes that we all live by. This remarkable culture, in combination with Willow’s emphasis on student-directed learning, bolsters intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

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