High School Placement

By the time Willow students enter Grade 8, they have a strong sense of self; they understand their strengths, interests and weaknesses, and are ready to take an active role in choosing the best high school environment where they will thrive and excel.

Since the first class graduated in 2009, Willow graduates have gone on to make significant contributions to their high school communities, which is why the top independent and public secondary schools are thrilled to welcome Willow graduates to their learning communities. Visit Where Our Graduates Go to see what’s in store for students after Willow.

Secondary School Guidance Program

Our highly successful Secondary School placement program is integrated with the Grade 8 curriculum. It is personalized to make the process less daunting and ensure the best match for high school. Highlights include:

  • Secondary School Reception hosted by The Willow School in September provides our students with a unique opportunity to meet Admissions Officers from distinguished local and regional secondary schools. Willow students take charge of this event, and guests are impressed by our students’ depth of knowledge, thoughtfulness, and ability to explain complex ideas.
  • Skills for Tomorrow is a class specially designed to help 8th grade students transition from The Willow School to high school. Students have the opportunity to hone their interviewing skills. They further develop their leadership skills, prepare for a four-day internship, organize several fundraising events, and write personal reflections for the graduation ceremony.
  • High School Placement Tools utilized by The Willow School include the Secondary School Workbook. Willow also meets individually with both parents and students to guide them through the application process, select the best-fit high schools and complete applications in a timely manner.


What if my child is planning on attending public high school?

Grade 8 students who matriculate to public high schools in the area benefit greatly from the high school application process and Skills for Tomorrow as they sharpen skills and gain more confidence. The program also readies all students for the demanding college application process they will encounter a few years down the road.

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