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Speaking Up: How to Teach Self-Advocacy to Middle Schoolers Guidance for parents on how to teach self-advocacy at home, what to look for in a middle school that fosters self-advocacy, plus 30 days of doable challenges and activities to encourage self awareness, responsibility, and speaking up. 

Empathy: A Lifelong Skill Your Child Should Learn by Middle School Is empathy and kindness lacking in your child’s school? Learn 5 ways middle school can foster empathy in students. 

Empowering Your Middle Grader: Understanding Executive Functioning and Your Temperamental Teen What is executive functioning? Why do students struggle with executive functioning as they move into middle school? Get practical tips to help your child be successful in school.  

Screen Detox: A Guide to Managing or Reducing Your Child’s Screen Time

Speaking Up: How to Teach Self-Advocacy to Middle Schoolers

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