Why Is Outdoor Recess Important?

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Homepage News, Outdoor Learning, Recess 2x a Day

Why is outdoor recess so important?

If you want your child to be as healthy as possible, and work as productively in school, then outdoor recess is absolutely crucial. A recent article from Harvard Medical School tells us why playing outside is so important for our children (and us)! From active play and Vitamin D to developing executive functioning skills and teaching children to take risks, time outdoors helps children develop a healthy, happy, balanced life.

That’s why, at The Willow School, students go outside to play, explore, and learn every day, in any weather.

In Lower School, students enjoy recess after their morning snack break and after lunch.Middle School students have a morning break and one scheduled recess each day. Our 34-acre campus is the ideal environment for imaginations to grow and develop. Willow students invent games, build elaborate structures from natural materials, and put classroom learning into action. Visit during recess, and you will see students identifying bugs or plants they are studying, building forts, and playing tag. Recess gives students the time and space to collaborate, compromise, and build other essential social skills.

Recess two times a day, in any weather? That’s something you’ll find Only at Willow.





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