Alumni Spotlight: Ellie Schofield

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Alumni

Ellie Schofield (pictured left above) is a Willow graduate from the class of 2016. She is currently a senior attending Princeton Day School. At Princeton, she plays ice hockey and lacrosse, and she is involved in an environmental group. In her junior year, she attended a semester school called The Mountain School, located in Vermont.
How did Willow prepare you for high school?
The greatest asset that Willow provided me with that prepared me for high school was an emphasis on joy in learning. Because Willow instilled in me an appreciation for the process of learning, my diligence in my high school work has been backed by this value, which has made it more manageable.
What are the three things you are most proud of doing since you left Willow?
I am most proud of attending a semester school, The Mountain School, in Vermont during the fall of my junior year (P.S. the greatest thing ever), committing to play lacrosse at the college level, and having a good, open relationship with my parents.

Olivia Rubano (left) and Ellie present at a recent Morning Gathering about their time at The Mountain School.

What is your favorite virtue, and how has it helped you in your day to day life?
Probably gratitude, though it is hard to choose between that and respect, compassion, and diligence. I have so many things to be grateful for — wonderful people, an amazing journey in education, and access to unique and exciting experiences — that I think gratitude is extremely important. And besides, gratitude helps you figure out how to give back!
What do you miss the most about Willow?
The small community that enabled me to get to know everyone, and spending time outside everyday.
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