Willow Alumna Sells Baked Goods for Good Cause

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Alumni, Homepage News, Virtues

Sadie Zeiner-Morrish, a Willow almuna who graduated in 2018, recently launched Sadie’s Sweets, a baking project with a purpose: to provide groceries and supplies to local New Jersey families who are struggling during this global crisis by selling baked goods. Sadie’s Sweets is partnering with Team Walker, a non-profit that helps families in Jersey City. All proceeds from Sadie’s Sweets will support the many families impacted by COVID-19. In addition to supporting them by donating all of the proceeds to Team Walker, Sadie will also be volunteering in their summer tutoring program.

Willow Alumni Society Coordinator Madie Schulte recently interviewed Sadie about her new initiative.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, including where you go to school now?

I go Kent Place School. I like to write, sing, and play guitar. I really enjoy helping out my community. I’ve been volunteering all of my life!

What’s the story behind Sadie’s Sweets? Why did you decide to start it?

I’ve wanted to create a nonprofit for a long time, and I’ve done a lot of bake sales for different things. When I was younger, I used to make my own soap and donated it to people in need. Last Sunday, I was at Willow, planting in the garden with my mom, who works there. Talking with her about wanting to help people in need right now, I figured out that I could give back by doing what I know: baking. A lot of the volunteering I did when I was younger was at America’s Grow a Row, where I helped kids pick fresh fruit and vegetables that were then donated to local food banks. So I wanted to focus on getting food to the people that need it. I learned, from that experience, that a lot of kids only get their food at school. 

Can you explain how Sadie’s Sweets works?

I bake out of my kitchen at home and deliver the baked goods anywhere in New Jersey. The money from the orders goes to Team Walker to support families that are currently struggling. So far, I’ve had a steady amount of orders, which is great! 

Did the fact that you attended Willow influence your project in any way? 

Yes, at Willow there is a big focus on helping out the community. The virtues influenced me to think about the other people in my community and the ways I can help them. I’m also using sustainable packaging and researching my ingredients so that I can do as much good as I can.

Find out more about Sadie’s Sweets (and place your orders) on her website or Instagram.

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