See How We Celebrate Gratitude at Willow

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Community, Homepage News, Virtues

Our annual Harvest Soup tradition teaches children how to practice gratitude for each other and the Earth.

Willow students recently took part in one of the school’s most beloved traditions: Harvest Soup! This community event is the culmination of a process that begins each spring when students plant seedlings in our school garden. Throughout the year, students tend to the garden and watch in delight as their vegetables grow.

Before our Thanksgiving break, we come together as a school community to harvest and prepare for a feast. Students enjoy hands-on activities such as baking bread, making butter, chopping salad, and more. With the help of many hands, the produce grown right here at Willow is made into a delicious soup and salad that is shared by all.

On the day of Harvest Soup, the entire school community gets together for a special Morning Gathering. As we come together around the fire, messages of gratitude are shared by eighth-graders, middle schoolers perform cherished songs, and kindergarteners add vegetables to the soup pot. During a normal school year, parents, alumni, teachers, and students gather for a special lunch featuring the food that students and volunteers made together. This year, students enjoyed lunch outside, served by at team of parent volunteers. We look forward to inviting everyone back to Willow to participate in Harvest Soup again soon! This tradition engages students and parents in many of Willow’s virtues, including joy, wonder, responsibility, and gratitude.

As a community, we’re very thankful to share in this annual celebration of gratitude! You can join in this year by making your own version of our Harvest Soup. Click here to download the recipe.

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